the last cocktail

the last cocktail
This was a great project to work on.
Just a team of hardworking dudes making wicked cocktails and loving life.
I wanted to show their bar for what it really is, a gritty, downtown oasis, where the beers are cold and the cocktails are on another level.
Shying away from the typical product light set up or diffused window light, I chose to shoot the photos with a hard single point flash.
A little post processing and I got exactly what I aimed for.  Nice grain, earth tones with a bit of blue.  Looks like a bar that Donnie Brasco may have hung out at.
They had great programming ideas, from Bar School, a four class course where you learn the fundamentals of being a bartender, to a slant on a catering program, house calls

Check out the before picture below to see what a difference a little RTC makes.
If you haven't been to this bar, I highly recommend you go check them out.
Tell them what you like to drink, and they'll take care of the rest.
Tell them RTC sent ya.